The overseas delegations of the European Parliament maintain and develop the Parliament’s international relations. The delegations aim to maintain and enhance the contacts between the traditional partners of the European Union, but also aim to enhance and develop relations with non traditional contacts of the European Union by promoting the values which underpin the European Union, namely, the principles of liberty, democracy, and respect for human rights, freedoms and the rule of law.

The international contacts of the European Parliament are governed by the principles of public international law.

The Parliament’s international contacts shall be aimed at fostering, wherever possible and appropriate, the parliamentary dimension of international relations.

I am a full member on the Delegation for relations with Australia and New Zealand and is a substitute member of the Delegation for relations with China.

European Parliament webpage on delegations.

Australia and New Zealand

The meetings of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with Australia and New Zealand have taken place with both countries since 1981. Since that date there have been regular interparliamentary meetings (IPMs) taking place both in Europe and in Australia and New Zealand.
The meetings of the delegation with their counterparts are the focal point for the interparliamentary element of the relationship between the European Union and Australia and New Zealand. The meetings with Australia allow for a regular review of the Joint Declarations on Relations between the European Union and Australia and New Zealand. These two Declarations provide a framework for the bilateral relationship and cooperation with the two countries. The regular agenda items in the parliamentary meetings cover areas such as trade; agriculture; tackling climate change; development and economic cooperation; science and technology; the promotion of global and regional security, countering terrorism, and human rights.

European Parliament webpage on Australia and New Zeland delagation

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